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Superannuation TPD Claims

Can’t work due to injury or illness? You may be entitled to benefits through your super.

Superannuation for all workers earning above a certain amount has been compulsory since 1992.

Disability and death benefits are also provided by most superannuation funds. Many people on workers’ compensation or Centrelink payments are entitled to claim these benefits, but are unaware of their rights.

In order to be paid a superannuation disability benefit, you usually have to show that you are totally and permanently disabled. You don’t have to be unfit for all work, only for your old job or any other suitable work that fits your education, training and experience.

Many superannuation insurance policies pay benefits if you can’t perform your usual job. Others will pay if you suffer from specified illnesses, such as cancer, or a stroke.

Accredited Personal Injury Specialist at Arnold Dallas McPherson Lawyers
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Accredited Personal Injury Specialist

Accredited Personal Injury Specialist at Arnold Dallas McPherson Lawyers

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