Emily Lamb

Personal Injury Lawyer

Emily Lamb is a dedicated legal professional with a passion for advocating on behalf of individuals who have suffered injury or injustice. Her journey in the legal field began in 2021 when she embarked on her career as a paralegal at Arnold Dallas McPherson. Subsequently, Emily commenced her journey as a law graduate at the beginning of 2023 and achieved a significant milestone in May 2024 when she was admitted as a lawyer.

Emily’s professional experience includes three years at Arnold Dallas McPherson, where she has been actively involved in various legal matters. While she is experienced in all types of personal injury law, Emily is particularly interested in Medical Negligence and WorkCover cases. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters of Health and Medical Law at The University of Melbourne, further deepening her knowledge in her field of interest.

A member of esteemed associations such as the Australian Lawyers Alliance and the Law Institute of Victoria, Emily is committed to upholding the highest standards of legal practice.

Emily’s dedication to her clients extends beyond securing financial compensation. She recognises the profound impact that compensation can have on her clients’ lives, offering not only financial relief but also a sense of justice and recognition for their losses.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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