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Calculating Damages in TAC Claims (With Payout Examples)

The TAC will provide a payout (which lawyers call “damages”) if you can prove that you have a “serious injury” and if you can prove that another person is at fault for your injuries.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand more how these damages payouts are calculated.

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10-Step Guide If You’ve Been Injured In a Car Accident

Every year, thousands of Victorians are involved in vehicle accidents, confronting a whirlwind of emotions, uncertainties, and practical challenges in the aftermath. Whether it’s a minor fender-bender or a more serious collision, knowing what to do next is crucial for safeguarding your well-being, protecting your rights, and navigating a potentially complex legal aftermath.

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E-bikes and E-scooters Injury Claims

E-Bikes and Scooters have become an extremely popular method of getting around the city. They’re fast, convenient, and cost effective. They’re a great option with trams and trains often being packed and uncomfortable during peak hours.

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Can You Go Overseas While on WorkCover?

If you are intending to travel overseas while on WorkCover, and want to make sure you receive your weekly payments and medical and like expenses, there are steps that you must follow to ensure that you continue to receive your entitlements.

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Prior Settlements For Institutional Abuse – What Has Changed And How Can They Be Overturned

Prior Settlements For Institutional Abuse – What Has Changed And How Can They Be Overturned?

Legislative History of Institutional Abuse Law Previously, many survivors of historical sexual abuse settled their cases for minimal compensation due to the profound legal difficulties and obstacles that cases then faced. Recently, there have been three main changes to the law which have enabled victims of abuse to revisit their claims and potentially seek further compensation. After the findings of

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Shaun Marcus from Arnold Dallas McPherson Injury Lawyers on Decriminalising Cannabis in Victoria

Decriminalise Cannabis in Victoria

This article was originally published at Australian Lawyer Alliance. Victoria’s drug laws must be brought into line with community expectations and the increasing evidence that shows a heath-based response to drug use is the best approach, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA). “It is time for the Government to listen to the community on this issue,” said Shaun Marcus, Director,

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leave while on workcover

Annual Leave & Workcover Payments

A common question asked of our clients is whether or not they can accrue annual leave while off work and in receipt of WorkCover payments. Prior to the decision of Anglican Care v NSW Nurses and Midwives Association, we were somewhat left in the dark. The Full Bench of the Federal Court have now provided clarification and appear to benefit

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firefighter law change

Compensation Experts Welcome Firefighter Law Change

Liz Davidson of Arnold Dallas McPherson lawyers has welcomed a flagged change to WorkCover laws likely to benefit firefighters who develop work-related cancers. She is an accredited specialist in personal injury law and has worked in the area for more than 25 years, mainly in country Victoria. Ms Davidson explained that “most of us would think that there is a

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Your Return to Work Obligations and Right to Private Consultations

Your Return to Work Obligations and Right to Private Consultations

Increasingly, clients are raising privacy concerns in relation to medical appointments arranged between their doctors and return to work officers. Under the Victorian Workers’ Compensation Legislation, an obligation is imparted on all workers to make every reasonable effort to return to work in suitable employment. Should this situation apply to you, you are to ensure that you actively participate and

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TAC Medical Excess Payments

TAC Medical Excess Payments

TAC medical excess payments refer to the amount payable by an injured person for medical treatment outside of hospital before the TAC can start paying the expenses. Where a person has been involved in a motor vehicle accident and has an accepted TAC claim, that person must pay the first $629 for medical treatment for accidents occurring on or after

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Spinal Injury Impairments Decrease for TAC Accidents

Spinal Impairments Decrease for TAC Accidents

Recent legislative changes have altered the way in which spinal injuries are to be assessed by medical practitioners. These changes affect people injured in transport accidents but do not have any impact on people who are covered by the WorkCover scheme.

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WorkSafe Injury

New WorkSafe Legislation – PIAWE Clarified For Casuals

The Andrews Government has announced new Legislation that will slightly increase benefits for families who have suffered a workplace death of a loved one. The WorkSafe Legislation Amendment Bill was introduced into Parliament last week and will allow family members travel expenses for attending upon a hospital where a loved one is seriously injured or to a funeral if they

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John McPherson - Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law at Arnold Dallas McPherson

Employment Laws Catching Up to Social Media

Principal Lawyer of Arnold Dallas McPherson, John McPherson, advises that his firm has recently provided legal advice to employees who have been criticised by their employers for social media usage. The broadening ‘grey area’ of social media usage for employees, coupled with a legion of inflammatory virtual content, has created a unique vacuum in employment law. Prominent local lawyer John

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Jarvis v The Salvation Army Southern Territory

A recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Victoria has confirmed that WorkCover decisions to stop the payment of weekly wages are open to scrutiny and revision by the Court. In Jarvis v The Salvation Army Southern Territory WorkCover argued that their decision to terminate a workers claim for weekly payments could not be challenged or reversed by a Court. Mr

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Transport accident victim rights in car accidents causing death

Transport Accident Commission and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal rights in car accidents causing death Is an injury always necessary for someone to be paid compensation as a result of a transport accident in Victoria? This question arose in a recent case handled by Arnold Dallas McPherson. Tragically, the case involved a car accident resulting in the death of a baby.

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