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James Casey

Personal Injury Lawyer

James Casey predominately works in WorkCover and TAC cases, where he helps people suffering from work-related sickness or injury or car accidents to get the justice, compensation and support they need and deserve.

James has over 14 years’ experience and has acted for thousands of injured Victorians in pursuing compensation for their Workplace and Transport Accident injuries. He prides himself on achieving excellent results as soon as feasibly possible so to help his clients best move on after injury.

James has significant expertise in pursuing claims for illnesses such as mesothelioma, silicosis and other workplace lung related illnesses.

If you’re going through a work-related sickness or injury you need the best legal services in the quickest time possible, then James is there to help. James has supported people from all different walks of life as they navigate the legal system and come out with a win.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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