WorkCover Claims process

What happens when you get injured at work?

We all go to work each day expecting to come home to our families healthy and safe, but accidents can occur, and unfortunately, workers sometimes get injured in the process of performing their duties. If you get injured at work, the first thing you should do is immediately seek appropriate medical treatment and then call your families and notify them of your status. 

The WorkCover Claims Process in Victoria
WorkCover Claims Process in the state of Victoria

What if the workplace injury was serious?

In a case where a serious injury or death occurs in a workplace, your employer must immediately notify WorkSafe by calling them on 132 360. Your employer must also not interfere with the scene of the incident, except to:

  • help the injured Worker
  • protect anyone else whose health or safety may be at risk
  • prevent any further injury

Employers must submit a written report of the incident work WorkSafe within 48 hours, and they must keep a copy of their records for five years.

How should a workplace injury be documented?

As soon as you become aware of your injury, you should record all of the details in the Register of Injuries report, which can be in the form of a diary, exercise book or an electronic file where all of the information about your injury is stored. Your employer is required to have a Register of Injuries at the worksite, or you can download a template here.

Register of Injuries Template

Record the workplace injury in the Register of Injuries template form.

Download Template

What needs to be included in the Register of Injuries report

Your Register of Injuries report should consist of detailed information about your injury that might be helpful to your claim, such as details of the treatment you received when the incident happened and whether you returned to work that day. 

It should also include the following;

  • The injured Worker’s name
  • The injured Worker’s occupation or job title
  • The time and date of the injury or illness (where available or the date you became aware of the injury or illness) 
  • The exact location when they were injured or became unwell 
  • Exactly how the injury or illness occurred 
  • The nature of the injury and what parts of their body were affected 
  • If there was any equipment involved in the injury or illness
  • If the injured Worker returned to work following their injury
  • The names of any witnesses to the injury or illness 
  • The name of the person completing the register, if they are not your the injured Worker

Your employer must then officially advise you of your injury in writing by providing you with a copy of your entry in the Register of Injuries report to begin the Claims process.

How long do I have to make a WorkCover Claim?

You will need to notify your employer within 30 days of you becoming aware of your work-related injury by formally completing a Register of Injuries entry.

However, if you have not reported your injury within 30 days, there is still scope to lodge a claim and have it accepted. It can be helpful to consult with one of our personal injury solicitors before lodging a claim if this has happened to you.

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