Our 5th LIV Accredited Specialist

Arnold Dallas McPherson has reached a new milestone with one of its Lawyers, Kirstie Lyons, achieving accreditation as a Specialist in Personal Injury Law.

Kirstie Lyons - Accredited Personal Injury Lawyer at Arnold Dallas McPerson Lawyers
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This brings the total number of Accredited Personal Injury Specialists at the firm to five, the highest of any law firm in Victoria outside of Melbourne. Accreditation is granted by the Law Institute of Victoria, after successful completion of both written and oral examinations.

What is LIV Accredited Specialist?

To be accepted into the accreditation program, a Personal Injury Lawyer must have at least five years post-admission experience and at least three years experience in the area of law. After intensive study of all the broad areas of personal injury law, one must pass the required examinations.

After finishing Year 12 at Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Kirstie attended Latrobe University, first in Bendigo and then in Bundoora, studying both Law and Science. After completing her degrees, Kirstie returned to Bendigo and started her legal career as a Legal Trainee to John McPherson in 2010.

In 2016 she went on maternity leave and welcomed her first child. When Kirstie returned to work part-time in 2017, she was anxious to show the world (and herself) that she was able to take on the challenges of working professionally and raising her daughter. Kirstie is pleased to say that she found immense satisfaction in being able to continue working hard for her clients and balancing this with family life, always with the support of Arnold Dallas McPherson Injury Lawyers.

Kirstie continued to assist clients across a broad range of areas until, after waddling down to a Judicial Mediation at the Supreme Court in Bendigo at 36 weeks pregnant, she went on maternity leave to have her second child in late 2018. 

Before returning to part-time work in April 2019, Kirstie made the decision to apply to the LIV’s Accredited Specialist Program. Taking on the process of applying for, studying and sitting the required examinations was a significant undertaking not only for Kirstie but also for her young family.

Kirstie spent many hours in the office on the weekend studying with more intensity and purpose than perhaps she ever had before. It has been an extremely useful process in both broadening her own knowledge basis and reaffirming her commitment to providing the absolute best possible advice and assistance she can to our clients at Arnold Dallas McPherson for many years to come.

Kirstie has expertise in all aspects of TAC and WorkCover Claims, as well as Victims of Crime applications.

Kirstie works predominantly at our Bendigo office and also assists clients at our Castlemaine office.

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Picture of Shaun Marcus

Shaun Marcus

Shaun Marcus is a partner and accredited specialist in personal injury law, covering a variety of personal injury claims, including; WorkCover Claims, TAC Accident Claims, Asbestos Claims (including Mesothelioma and Asbestosis Injuries) and Public Liability matters. Shaun has previously sat on the WorkCover Advisory Committee, which assists in advising government about workers compensation laws in Victoria and is currently a Director of the Australian Lawyers Alliance. Shaun is currently National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

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